Mix and match components to tailor make your fireplace

Almost every fireplace component on our website can be interchanged to create a custom fireplace package to your specification

Typically a traditional fireplace package is made up of 3 main components:

The Hearth

The base which all the other components of your fireplace package will sit on.

The Insert

These can come in a variety of designs and finishes like arches, fascias or tiled inserts. This is also the part where you chose your fire type either gas, electic, solid fuel or decorative.

The Surround

The final piece, choose from a vast range of marble, wood and natural stone products we supply.

If you don't like the look of a particular component within a package and wish to change it to a different one simply call our offices on 01484 434322 and we will price the package to your specification. There are enough components on our website to potentially make thousands of different combinations and that figure continues to growall the time! Once you have an idea which components you like you can start to see which ones will work together in terms of sizes.

How to work out the sizes

All of the product pages within our website show dimensions which you can use to work out which components will fit together, some important things to remember are:

  • Width between the outer legs of the mantel must be greater than the overall width of the insert.
  • Width between the inner legs of the mantel must be greater than the width of the detail on the insert.
  • Height of the underside of the mantel must be greater than the insert detail and less than the overall height of the insert.
  • Typically the hearth is the same width as the mantel.

When you are trying to mix and match fireplace components just to be 100% certain that everything is compatible we recomend you call us on 01484 434322 and our experienced sales staff will be happy to help.