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Gallery Clarendon Limestone Fireplace with Landsdowne Cast Iron Arch

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Gallery Clarendon Limestone Fireplace with Landsdowne Cast Iron Arch

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Arch Finish

  • Traditional Finish

    Traditional Finish

    .. is a painted and buffed graphite finish that emulates the traditional black lead polish.
  • Black Finish

    Black Finish

    .. is a painted matt black finish. Both the traditional and the black finishes are most appropriate for multi fuel applications as polished finishes can tarnish with high temperatures.
  • Highlighted Finish

    Highlighted Finish

    .. is where certain elements of the casting are polished on a black painted background. Although suitable for use with multi fuel, highlight finish may tarnish with high temperatures.
  • Full Polished

    Full Polished

    .. is, as the name suggests, where the entire product is polished. Although suitable for use with multi fuel, full polished finish may tarnish with high temperatures. CHROME FINISHES ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR MULTI FUEL FIRES.

Hearth Material

  • Granite Hearth

    Granite for Gas & Electric use:

    Made from a single slab of highly polished granite approximately 20mm think which is sat on 30mm risers. As standard they are 15” in depth.
  • Slabbed Hearth

    Granite for Solid Fuel (real fire) use:

    Usually referred to as split and slabbed or cut and slabbed. These hearths are made from highly polished granite sections to allow for expansion and contraction from the heat. They are filled underneath with a lightweight cement mix which helps dissipate the heat throughout the hearth. Without this heat dissipation the hearth would be put under a great amount of pressure which ultimately causes the hearth to crack. As standard they are 15” in depth.
  • Tiled Hearth

    Tiled Hearth

    Tiled hearths are a very traditional form of hearth. They are made from 6” x 6” tiles. As with the granite hearths for solid fuel these hearths are filled underneath with a lightweight cement mix. As standard they are 15” in depth.
  • Slate Hearth


    These hearths are the same as the “Granite for Gas & Electric” use hearths with the standard 15” depth and only suitable for gas or electric.
  • Limestone Hearth


    These hearths are the same as the “Granite for Gas & Electric” use hearths with the standard 15” depth and only suitable for gas or electric.

Fuel Type

We only offer fires which have been supplied by the same manufacturer’s of this fireplace, this ensures that the fires are of a high quality and give the desired effect that you would expect from this product.

Buy with confidence, Quality Guaranteed.

There are a number of different fuel types you can have for your fireplace package. Please view our help and advice section

Hearth Pushin

A pushin, also referred to as a push-under hearth, or hearth tongue, (30" x 6") is an additional hearth piece, designed to be installed behind the main hearth to hide the concrete floor inside the fire chamber. The pushin is not a required extra for all fireplaces, however we recommend them with certain packages as they provide a more aesthetically pleasing finish to fireplace suites with regular granite hearths.

Fireplaces Are Us will provide a Black Granite Pushin for FREE when purchased with a suitable fireplace package. Our technical team will determine if you require a pushin and automatically add it to your order.

Stone Sealer

  • Limestone Sealant

    Stone Sealer

    For a limited period Fireplacesareus are offering a free 500ml bottle of stone sealer when you selected with a Gallery limestone fireplace suite. All Gallery fireplaces come pre-sealed but the stone sealer we send can be used to for maintenance. The stone sealant helps protect against oil grease and water stains, it is also long lasting and invisible. Please note this stone sealant ONLY comes free when purchasing a Gallery limestone fireplace suite.

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Fireplaces Are Us offer a free two man delivery service on all Be Modern fireplace packages. The delivery team will take the product into your property and remove the packaging.

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What's This?

Fireplace Surround Rebate

Understanding the fireplace rebate you require is essential in ensuring your fireplace/fire will fit your required application. The dimension you need to work out is the depth needed to fully recess you fire against your flat wall or in your chimney recess. If the fireplace is being fitted against a flat wall then the full depth of the fire needs to be recessed within the fire surround. However, if the fire surround is being fitted against a chimney then the depth of the fire can be recessed within the cavity of the chimney.

Diagram of fireplace rebate

The rebate is the distance from the back of the wall to the front of the back panel. Deeper rebates allow the back panel to be brought forward, creating a void between the panel and the wall. Deep rebates are popular where inset electric fires, or flueless gas fires are to be installed onto flat walls.

To work out the fire recess, you subtract the rebate by 20mm to accommodate the thickness of the panel. Therefore 100mm rebate gives you 80mm fire recess depth (100mm - 20mm for the back panel).

Product Description

The Gallery Clarendon Limestone Fireplace with Landsdowne Cast Iron Arch consists of the Clarendon 56" Agean limestone mantel, Landsdowne cast iron arched insert with cast back, 54" x 15" hearth and optional gas fire or solid fuel kit for real fires.

Inspired by early Victorian fireplaces, the Landsdowne cast iron insert has a broad fire chamber with ornate decoration around the opening. The Gallery Landsdowne fireplace arch is made from solid cast iron, with the finishing processes being carried by highly trained craftsmen.

The Clarendon Agean limestone mantel is designed in the style of traditional flat Victorian fireplace surrounds with fluted decoration. The Clarendon limestone fire surround is pre-sealed and manufactured from 100% natural material, and each one is unique due to variations in fossil formation, veining and colour.


  • Traditional cast iron fireplace arch
  • Solid stone mantel
  • Ideal for period interiors
  • Manufactured to ISO 2002 standards by Gallery Fireplaces


  • Black or highlighted arch finish
  • Black granite hearth, slate hearth or black tiled hearth
  • Decorative fireplace, solid fuel fire, gas fire (suitable for Class 1 or 2 flue)

Have a look at our Fireplace Help & Advice section.

Product Dimensions

Mantel Dimensions
A: 1420mm
B: 1136mm
C: 915mm
D: 915mm
E: 1335mm
F: 200mm
G: 1372mm
Cast Iron Arch Dimensions
A: 960mm
B: 925mm
C: 370mm
D: 670mm
E: 650mm
F: 800mm
G: 75mm
Chamber Dimensions
A: 620mm
B: 725mm
C: 210mm

Additional Information

SKU 4589
Weight (Kg) 0.0000
Brand Gallery Fireplaces
Fireplace Width 56"
Fireplace Material Agean Limestone
Rebate 75mm
Fireplace Style Arched Insert
Insert Finish Traditional
Engine Type N/A

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