No chimney? No problem!

Most new build homes in UK don't have a conventional chimney or flue. While this used to limit householders to electric fires, there are now many gas fires available which don't require a chimney. No chimney gas fires are available in both traditional and modern styles to suit any interior. This article is intended to give general information about types of gas fire available for people without a chimney or flue system in their home. To confirm what type of fire you can have you should consult a qualified gas fitter.

Balanced Flue Gas Fires

Flavel Orchestra Balanced Flue Gas  Fire

Balanced flue gas fires are glass fronted, and are available as both inset and outset models. They vent directly through an external wall by means of a horizontal co-axial pipe (one pipe within another). Air is drawn in through the outer pipe, and combustion gases are expelled through the inner pipe. Balanced flue fires do not require an electricity supply.

Powerflue Gas Fires

Flavel Warwick Powerflue Gas Fire

Powerflue gas fires are available as both inset and outset models, and do not require a glass front. Flue gases are vented through an external wall, drawn out by an electronically driven fan unit. The fan unit is controlled by a sophisticated microprocessor which continually monitors performance and shuts off the fire in the unlikely event of an operation failure. Powerflue gas fires require an electricity supply.

Flueless Gas Fires

Ekofires 5510 ultra efficient flueless gas fire

Flueless gas fires work without any kind of chimney or flue, and don't even have to be sited on an external wall. As the fire burns, combustion gases pass through a catalytic converter within the appliance. This converts poisonous carbon monoxide into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapour, which can safely be released back into the room. Flueless gas fires are glass fronted, and require a minimum room size and an airbrick for ventilation.

Outset Gas Fires

Flavel Emberlow outset balanced flue gas fire

Most gas fires are designed to be inset into a fireplace with a 16" x 22" opening. This includes the majority of the no chimney gas fires currently on the market. If it isn't possible to install an inset fire, an alternative is to use an outset fire. Outset fires are usually installed with a conventional fireplace, but standing on the hearth rather than fitting into an opening. Outset fires are great where inset installation isn't possible, but can be obtrusive in smaller rooms.

Wall Fires

Ekofires 5050 ultra efficient flueless gas fire

Another option is to have a wall fire. Hang on wall gas fires are designed for flat wall installations and will stick out into the room a little. Hole in wall gas fires will require a recess. Wall fires are available in both landscape and portrait orientations, and are very popular for contemporary interiors. also they are great space-savers for smaller rooms, as they allow people to have a fire without losing floor space to a hearth.

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Fires shown (top to bottom):

Flavel Orchestra balanced flue gas fire

Flavel Warwick powerflue gas fire

Ekofires 5510 flueless gas fire

Flavel Emberglow balanced flue outset gas fire

Ekofires 5050 flueless wall fire